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Parker, Colorado



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Here are some lovely reviews my clients have written regarding my tutoring services!

"We knew of Stephanie when we were desperately looking for a tutor that would fit my sons needs. My son (who has ADHD) had several tutors which didn’t click with him. My husband had been looking through the local library and I think we found her through there.
My son has had so many problems in math and was getting really bad grades until Stephanie helped him. He came back at the end of the year from a D to a B. So much so that when we moved we decided to keep Stephanie and do tutoring online with her from the state we live in now.
We love working with her because she is young and clicks with teenagers. She is very knowledgeable on every aspect of math and has made my son understand how to work through problems he couldn’t get with other tutors.
Working with Stephanie has been great. She is organized and tests the kids to know the level they are before she starts so she knows how to help the kid in his or her own struggles.
I love working with her."

-Mariana A. (Colorado/Arkansas)

"Fenton is a fantastic way to improve your math skills from the comfort of your own home. From the consultation to the actual lessons she exudes professionalism and clearly understands the needs of students. I would highly recommend Fenton Online Math Tutoring!"

-Nathan B. (Indiana)

"I had been searching for quite some time before I found Stephanie at Fenton Online Tutoring. If you are looking for a tutor, she is amazing."

-Julie S. (Colorado)

     "I found Stephanie through thumbtack – the reviews there were favorable. I have to admit I would have been less sure about online but a good friend of mine indicated how convenient it was and how well her son (same age as Cole) took to it.

     In math it seemed like he would struggle all week long and get the concept in time for the test but then start all over again the next week. I found it helpful to have someone else explain it to him. It was the only thing my husband and I were fighting with Cole about was math. He was not open/receptive to us telling him alternate ways to approach problems. I think having a tutor removed that barrier as he sees her as a teacher (very knowledgeable, despite the PhD and Masters we have:) )

     He moved his grade from a C to a B, but more than anything was his confidence. I think the prep work we are doing with him over the summer will keep that confidence high as he moves into middle school.

     He adores Stephanie! He wants her to know about success he has (recitals, etc.) and there is no issue/arguments when it comes time for sessions. He hops right on the computer and gets to work. From a parents perspective the flexibility she provides is great – as a working parent with other kids life gets hectic. Many places I looked at require monthly plans with no cancellation."

-Melissa M. (Florida)

"Stephanie is great to work with and you can see she loves working with kids and has way to make the online tutoring fun. My 12 year old was very happy with the 1st session and looks forward in continuing the work. Highly recommended to anyone who needs math assistance."

-Boris M. (Washington, D.C.)