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10 Benefits of Tutoring

October 22, 2017

You know your child needs help in math, but can't they just ask questions in class?  Of course, but they may need a little additional help.  This is where tutoring comes into play. 

Here are 10 benefits of tutoring!


1.  Tutoring offers a customized and individual learning experience.  Prior to the first tutoring session, new students are given an assessment.  This tells their tutor exactly where their strengths and weaknesses fall.  From there, their tutor creates a learning plan customized for the individual student.  Not all students have the same learning styles, nor do they learn at the same speed.


2.  Students are able to learn at their own pace.  With tutoring, there is no pressure to learn at the same pace as their peers.  Children have a safe space to make mistakes and learn from them, ask questions without fear of judgement, and the ability to learn from someone who understands their unique learning style


3.  Students gain confidence that translates to the classroom.  One of the most profound benefits of tutoring is hearing about a child who never raised their hand in class before that begins offering solutions without fear.  After gaining a clear understanding of a topic during their sessions, it quickly transitions to the classroom.


4.  Student has a safe place to ask questions that they may not be comfortable asking in class.  A number of learners have a fear of judgement when they ask questions in class.  Inside of the four walls of the study room, a child is safe to ask any question.  They will be in a supportive environment with a tutor whose only goal is to help your child succeed.  Your child will constantly be awarded positive feedback, which will only help them gain confidence and a new outlook on math.


5.  Improvement in not just math skills, but organizational and test taking skills as well.  While organization is not a main goal of a tutoring session (unless otherwise discussed), tutors can easily help your child improve their organizational skills with tips here and there.  Test taking skills are also improved throughout each session with a variety of practice questions.


6.  No need to fight for the teacher's attention in a group of 30+ kids.  While some tutoring is done in small group, at Fenton Online Math Tutoring, all tutoring is one-on-one.  This offers the most customized experience and assures you that all of your child's needs are being met.  Every teacher makes their best effort to meet the needs of each student, but with class sizes nowadays, it is almost impossible in a single class period without any additional help.


7.  Improvement in grades and test scores.  With each lesson, a student gains a clearer understanding of a topic and goes on to master it.  This quickly translates to an improvement in not just their overall grade but standardized test scores too.  Because tutoring does not focus on material being learned in class currently, it helps improve a child's overall grade.  A student may be working on a skill from months ago, but they have now mastered it.  It makes future lessons inside of the classroom a breeze.


8.  Provides a new challenge for gifted students.  A misunderstanding of tutoring is that it is only for struggling learners.  There are many gifted children who could benefit from tutoring as well.  It isn't always possible for a teacher/school to provide the challenge needed to stop boredom when a child is ahead of their peers.  A tutor can easily provide enrichment to these students.


9.  Ability to learn skills that may not have been mastered in class.  In school, a teacher may have to move ahead although all students did not master a skill, but in tutoring a child can conquer each skill before moving on to the next.  There are some skills that a student may not be mastering solely due to a lack in a previously learned topic.  For example, a student is struggling with fraction operations and are in the process of learning two-step equations.  They master simple two-step equations, but once fractions become involved, they are lost.  Once they conquer fraction operations in their tutoring lesson, they will breeze through two-step equations!


10.  Tutoring can improve a child's outlook on school in general.  Some struggling learners have a negative view of school due to the constant difficulties they face.  With the assistance of a tutor, a child receives positive feedback and makes strides to bridge the gap.  With each step taken, a child's outlook can change going forward.



If your child needs help in math, contact me today.  If they need help in another subject, I can put you in contact with some other great tutors!  Don't allow them to be frustrated day in and day out at school.  Improve their confidence and outlook on math before it's too late!  

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October 22, 2017

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